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minimal start

minimal startpage with vim(ish) bindings for the keyboard centric

minimal startpage screenrecord


  • nodejs
  • JS package manager of choice (I will be using Yarn)


Clone down the repo

git clone

Install dependencies

cd minimal-start

Start local dev server

yarn dev

Navigate to localhost:5000. The startpage is running and any changes made will reload the page on save.


Modify the frequent.json file in the dir ./prefs to add your preferred links and icons. Please note:

  • Specify the icon name from feather icons.
  • No http in the URL. Just specify the site and domain.
  • Intended to be used with < 13 frequent links by default.
    • Can be modified by changing the .cntr grid class in /src/Frequent/Frequent.svelte.

Building and running in production mode:

Once you are happy with your configuration, create an optimized version of your startpage and start local server via:

yarn build
yarn start

From here you could easily deploy to the web via Netlify or Zeit now.

Deploy via Netlify:

Netlify makes it easy to host your startpage for free with the added convenience of continuous deploys from GitHub.

  • Connect to your GitHub repo.
  • Specify build settings.
    • Command: yarn build
    • Directory: public
  • Deploy!

Browser configuration:

The steps to set the startpage as your new tab and home page vary from browser to browser. Popular browsers are detailed below.


Currently a chrome extension is required to set the startpage to your new tab page. In the extension options set the redirect URL to your startpage. The default Chrome setting on startup is to open the new tab page so we are all set.


Similar story for Firefox as they removed the ability to edit the new tab url. Install a redirect url extension and you are good to go.


Navigate to your web browser settings and set your homepage to the local server address or web URL.


  • / start searching
  • Esc stop searching and clear input
  • {search_service}:{search_query} search services are listed below with examples

Search services

Default search service, if not provided, is duckduckgo.

  • d: discogs
  • g google
  • so stack overflow
  • r reddit
  • yt youtube

Example Queries:

Search stack overflow for help… so:how to get a girlfriend after learning React?

Search discogs for some new vinyl… d:tyler the creator igor

Search reddit for memes… r:programmer humor

Search duckduckgo like normal… why is documentation so difficult

Disclaimer: This may be overkill for a startpage but I needed an excuse to try out Svelte sooo…